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    The Dead End Race is taking pre-orders for our Custom Compression Sleeves! At the low price of only 17.95$ each +4.95$ shipping they are going fast!
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  • 2 RACES FOR 2015!

    Due to the demand by our clients and the need to offer a brand new level of events to all obstacle race fans in and around the province of Quebec, the team at The Dead End Race is offering 2 very different events for 2015!
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    Here it is! The Dead End Race II Highlight Video! Hundreds at a time started out in a cage and sprinted through mud and water as they made their way up and down and around the mountain on our 7km course with 40 obstacles. The
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    Here are some great images of the Elite Wave as they begin the race and then finish the course at the Propulsion Rafting Stage II Obstacle! Images by Robert Lévesque.
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    DEAD END SHAKE: Here is The Dead End Race II seen through the GoPro of Viva Frei... enjoy watching this crazy dude traverse our course!
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    Here is what our October 5th event will look like! 6 kilometers of obstacles, challenges and fun! Plenty of hydration stations will help quench your thirst and keep you going to the end! We have many surprises in store for our participants! Register now!
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Due to the demand by our clients and the need to offer a brand new level of events to all obstacle race fans in and around the province of Quebec, the team at The Dead End Race is offering 2 very different events for 2015! Our first event will be on June 27th and 28th. It is a 6km+ course with 40 insane obstacles. To keep things fresh, our design team will be creating all new and improved obstacles for our 2015 season.

With so many options out there we know that participants want new and exciting challenges every year. We are known for our gigantic slides and out-of-the-box creations and that is exactly what you will get! Our second event will be on August 30th and will be the hardest and most grueling 12km obstacle race in the country.


1- The Dead End Race 6km+ event will take place on June 27-28 2015 at Mont Habitant in Saint-Sauveur, less than 1 hour north of Montreal. This is an event for all skill levels and will be a day you will never forget! The race starts out in our one-of-a-kind safe zone where participants flee the safety of the huge caged area and get right into the obstacles that are scattered throughout the mountain. A large portion of our race will take place in the woods and trails, great mud as well as a beach and 3 shallow lakes! Below are the details of the 6km race!


These are the general waves for The Dead End Race. Start times are every 30 minutes from 9h30am to 12h30pm. You are here to surpass your limits while having fun at your own pace on our 6 kilometer course that offers 40 unique obstacles! Walls, tunnels, trenches, strength and endurance tests, floating obstacles as well as obstacle structures, a crazy long slide and much more! The start line for all our June 2015 races will be at the base of the mountain and racers will be sent off to the sound of our Air Raid Siren, smoke and music!

Click here to register you and/or your team!




This is the Elite Wave of The Dead End Race. This start time takes place at 9h00 am on Saturday June 27th 2015 and is the most competitive wave of the day. Faster-paced for those wanting to outrun the competition! Come and challenge yourself against the best racers on our 6 kilometer+ course with 40 obstacles! It will be both fun and competitive! Prizes go to the winners!

Click here to register you and/or your team!





 *Brand new!!! This is the Family Wave of The Dead End Race. This wave, which has a start time at 12h45pm is specifically for families wanting to race together! Ideal for parents with children 13 years and under that want to run the ''big course'' with the ''big obstacles''. Families can run together at their own pace, helping each other on the obstacles and having a blast on our 6 kilometer+ course with all 40 obstacles. This wave is open to the entire family including children of all ages. Families registered for this wave must run together as 1 unit in order to supervise younger children along the way. Start together and cross the finish line together!

Click here to register you and/or your family!




This is our ''Little Survivors Race'. With start times every 30 minutes from 10h00am to 11h00am, this is the ideal adventure for kids 4 to 13 years old. Children run at their own pace on an improved and longer 1.5km course with a minimum of 10 obstacles! Parents may follow their children along the course. This is the perfect race for youngsters or anyone 13 years and under wanting to test their endurance on a shorter distance.

Registration opening soon...






2- The Dead End Race ''Apocalypse'' is guaranteed to be THE MOST DIFFICULT obstacle race and endurance challenge in Canada. Many will enter but how many will finish? Our team has created 50 obstacles on a 12km advanced course. Obstacle racing is about the obstacles and physical challenges and not running marathon distances.

Each and every obstacle will test your limits and determination like no other while keeping with The Dead End Race's idea of original and unique obstacles. We will make you will suffer... but you will love every minute of it! This will be the ultimate challenge and it will be a medal you will cherish the rest of your life.

*After participating in our 6km+ event in June, this is the perfect way to see how much you have improved over your race season! Registration details will be available shortly. This event if for ages 14 and up. Huge prizes will be awarded to the winners. Prepare yourself for August 30th 2015!